Why we removed Cash on Delivery

COD (Cash on Delivery) plays a major role in an e-commerce business. Nowadays people don’t trust e-commerce website if there is no Cash on Delivery option given in that website. COD had a fulfillment rate of 80%, it is still better to have 100 extra orders out of which 80 gets accepted and cash is paid at the time of delivery rather than not getting any of these 100 orders at all. COD soon became a standard (rather expected) service to be provided by all e-commerce players.

The risk is too high !!!

Yes!!! To the matter of fact, the other meaning of COD is the ‘Risk’. From a Seller point of view, giving the Cash on the Delivery option to the customer is taking a huge risk. We are delivering a product to a customer and the amount will be credited to us after one month. If Customer rejects the order, we need to pay extra charges called “RTO cost” to revert order back to us. We just spent 100₹ on an order without getting any sales.

COD is not fun

Since the day the website is launched, we come across many types of customers. Most of them place the orders with fake information. Some of them are even cheap, they place order only to cancel them. Yes! we came across may customers placing the order and canceling them when delivery guy arrives at their doorstep. This process repeated much time and we had a huge loss. Do not use COD for fun.

The number of Fake orders is high!!!

In the beginning, a number of fake orders were one or two per week. Later it kept on increasing. But in the month of December, we received 27 fake orders from different IP address. Some of them gave random information in the address field and placed an order, we can’t even know whether this address in genuine or not. This made a very bad impact on us personally and we just lost so much of money on Delivery and RTO charges.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]