Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We provide this Delivery Information to avoid confusion among customers. We understand, In this competitive world, people demand speed in Everything. You all wanted your orders to be delivered as fast as possible. But we have certain limitations on the logistic department. So before you place an order, we recommend you to see delivery information. We don’t compromise on Delivery and we maintain a strict and secured delivery process. This is just an estimation to show how the transition takes place.

We may deliver you early or late than the expected date.

*Transit duration may depend upon the pin-code that you enter in a delivery address and the distance from Mandya


If your order is delayed for any reason, we’ll notify you. Do not worry or panic if you didn’t receive your order in time. Logistics department has bounded by certain strict rules. Until your order reaches your house, we’ll have the complete responsibility for your order. We’ll make sure it is delivered in time.